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Dom has been an incredible help to Apteo. He never fails to jump in to help, make introductions, curate investment materials, help out with models, and provide guidance throughout fundraising. His hustle and speed of execution are always impressive.

Dom's positivity and support have never wavered. Like many startups, we've had to find product-market fit, the right go-to-market approach, and grow quickly. Throughout it all, he was always there to offer support and discuss ideas. His approach was always one of support, constructive criticism, and someone who could act as a sounding board, never overly critical and never frustrated. Being a founder can be an extremely big mental struggle but having someone like Dom in our corner made it a lot easier to get through the challenges.

Dom is one of the best overall people I know, period. He works incredibly hard, is always positive, and has the ability to see the potential in someone who others may not believe in. He's not only an awesome investor to have on our team but he's a great guy and I'm glad to call him my friend.

– Shanif Dhanani, CEO & Co-Founder, Apteo

There's a lot to say about Dom but in short, he's a great sounding board, works hard for his founders, and always makes time to talk. In the years that I've known him, Dom has helped me navigate raising a seed round, connected me with a network of founders, and taught me the basics of VC back before I started Finary. There are only so many investors out there who will help you from Day 0, Dom is one of them.

– Roger Cawdette, CEO & Co-Founder, Finary

Dom is great at building and bridging startup communities. I first met Dom through the RippleX Fellowship Program, where I met my early mentors to kickstart the business and build meaningful friendships. From the content he produced and the engaging workshops that he ran, I learned a lot about the intricacies of fundraising, deal terms, and things to look out for as a first-time founder.

– Lyn Chen, COO & Co-Founder, (YC & Forbes 30U30)

Dom has always been there helping me on the journey of building Matterverse, from inspiring me to launch a startup, guiding me to make product pivots, to raising my pre-seed with YCombinator China and negotiating terms with key employees and partners. He is not just a startup investor, but also a mentor and friend to all founders.

I have never missed a chance to attend any event hosted by Dom, whether virtually or in person. Every time speaking with Dom is like digging a treasure - I can always expect practical advice and extremely valuable connections from his network and community. Dom is an excellent investor, an inspiring mentor, and a reliable friend!

– Shawn Pang, CEO & Co-Founder, Matterverse

Honestly, Dom is awesome. He's an investor and advisor that is wise far beyond his years. He has provided valuable strategic fundraising guidance to me and my team on many occasions and is also willing to get into the weeds to work through a spreadsheet or presentation when needed. I highly recommend having Dom in your corner.

– Nicholas Chepsiuk, CEO & Co-Founder, OnCall Health

Dominic has been a pivotal part of my start-up journey. He has provided critical insights towards my start-up, which allowed me to see product-market fit and the closing of our first investment round. He's additionally has helped me expand my VC network to gain reputable and meaningful industry-wide connections. I would recommend anyone seeking VC or founder advice to work with Dominic.

– Akshay Maharaj, COO & Co-Founder, Avybe

I first met Dom through a cold outreach on Linked In, and little did I know that not only would I get a reply, but I’d also find an invaluable contact in him.

Since then, I’ve worked with him while building my company Rimble, and learned from him through the RippleX Fellowship Program and beyond. He's always been available to help when I needed mentorship or guidance for my start-up, and I thank him sincerely for always being there!”

– Sehaj Chawla, CEO & Co-Founder, Rimble

Dominic is one of the best community connectors I have met in my life. I am someone that has benefitted from his unwavering passion for helping founders and young entrepreneurs through his work with Ripple Ventures. He’s also incredibly understanding, patient, and kind. Fundraising and VC were pretty new to me before I joined his Ripple community – Dom made it a lot easier to understand for all of us!

– Maggie Thai, Co-Founder, JAMH

Dom was one of our earliest believers and investors when we were just a team of four building the first iteration of Voiceflow. He's helped us through raising multiple fundraising rounds and is always a great person to sense check things like investor updates and board materials with. I've seen the community that he's built with student founders and can tell you first-hand that it's something really special. If you're thinking of working with Dom, don't think twice about it.

– Braden Ream, CEO & Co-Founder, Voiceflow

Dom was genuinely helpful to our business even before becoming an investor. Whether it be helping us with fundraising, assessing corporate partnership opportunities, providing strategic leadership guidance, or making high-quality hire introductions, Dom’s been a great asset on my journey. Dom was one of the first people I spoke with when starting Lula. His advice helped us validate the tremendous market opportunity and gave us the confidence to double down on the product. Lastly, Dom has helped us think about growth in a very systematic way through customer data modeling and teaching us frameworks on how to perform cohort analysis. As a data-driven founder, his help with us has been extremely useful.

– Adit Gupta, CEO & Co-Founder, Lula

Dom has always been in my corner since day one of building startups. Before building Utopia Labs, I was building and basically had Dom as one of my impromptu co-founders to bounce ideas off, strategize sales pitches, figure out pricing, and think about fundraising. Unfortunately, that business shut down, but that led me to build Utopia Labs. He encouraged me to build in public and share all of the things I was learning in web3 at the time. That's where I met my co-founders, through Twitter and Linkedin.

After we got the product off the ground, we were thinking about fundraising and I worked closely with Dom to prepare the fundraising docs, strategize closing the round, and review our legal docs. He's been there for me through the lows and I wouldn't have anyone else in my corner.

– Kaito Cunningham, CEO & Co-Founder, Utopia Labs

I met Dom when my company was at the pre-seed stage and struggling to raise any institutional funds from VCs. I worked closely with Dom for the next few months, learning everything I could about the fundraising process and how VCs think. Everything from startup assessment frameworks to storytelling. It was through this intense boot camp with Dom that I was able to get meetings with VCs, discuss with him how to handle these meetings, and eventually become successful in closing our latest seed round raise of $1.4M with some prominent funds and angels. I would definitely recommend that first-time founders and founders looking to better understand the fundraising process work with Dom.

– Madison Rifkin, CEO & Co-Founder, Mount

It was a pleasure meeting Dom through the RippleX Fellowship Program. His deep passion for supporting founders is evident in the time he spends with student founders, creating course materials, and running insightful workshops. You can always count on Dom to help demystify confusing VC topics from a founder perspective, make sure you have all your bases covered, and provide guidance on where to learn more or who to chat with!

– Mylene Tu, CEO & Co-Founder, Lumaki Labs

Working with Dom has been very helpful through the journey of fundraising, introductions, and strategy. He is not afraid to get into the weeds and help deliver on specific work required but at the same time understands the bigger picture. From helping us with our pitch deck, diligence materials for investors, and working with our GTM team to assess ways to scale, he's helped our business in multitudes. Its been very valuable to have him as an extended asset to the Pitstop team.

– Shiva Bhardwaj, CEO & Co-Founder, Pitstop

Dom has supported us during our last two funding rounds with introductions to high-quality investors, providing insightful deck feedback, and helping us craft a better story when pitching the company. high-quality. He isn't a formal investor or advisor to the company, but he is always willing to help and never lets anything slip through the cracks.

– Keith Corso, CEO & Co-Founder, BusRight

Dom lives and breathes supporting founders, and his mentorship and advisory has been extremely valuable to my personal and company's growth. Through the RippleX Fellowship Program that Dom created, I have learned so much about company building and raising venture capital as a startup from Dom. As a first-time founder, I have felt incredibly supported by Dom’s nonstop encouragement, objective and candid advice, and lightning-speed responses.

– Eve Staszczyszyn, CEO & Co-Founder, Compass

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