Hi, I'm Dom 👋

Leading investments at Ripple Ventures across enterprise software & developer tools.

Also, building the RippleX Fellowship Program.

I write a lot ✍️. You can find me on:

Dom has helped us through raising multiple fundraising rounds and is always a great person to sense check things like investor updates and board materials with. I've seen the community that he's built with student founders and can tell you first-hand that it's something really special. If you're thinking of working with Dom, don't think twice about it.

Braden Ream, CEO & Co-Founder, Voiceflow

Dom's positivity and support have never wavered. Like many startups, we've had to find product-market fit, the right go-to-market approach, and growing quickly. His approach was always one of support, constructive criticism, and someone who could act as a sounding board, never overly critical and never frustrated.

He is one of the best overall people I know, period. He works incredibly hard, is always positive, and has the ability to see the potential in someone who others may not believe in. He's not only an awesome investor to have on our team but he's a great guy and I'm glad to call him my friend.

Shanif Dhanani, CEO & Co-Founder, Apteo

I met Dom when my company was at the pre-seed stage and struggling to raise any institutional funds from VCs. I worked closely with Dom for the next few months, learning everything I could about the fundraising process and how VCs think. Everything from startup assessment frameworks to storytelling.

It was through this intense boot camp with Dom that I was able to get meetings with VCs, discuss with him how to handle these meetings, and eventually become successful in closing our latest seed round raise of $1.4M with some prominent funds and angels. I would definitely recommend that first-time founders and founders looking to better understand the fundraising process work with Dom.

Madi Rifkin, CEO & Co-Founder, Mount

Working closely with founders to find PMF, hire, and fundraise.

My superpowers are helping teams understand their markets, ensure they're building the right products, and raise capital through a compelling story.

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